Why Counselling

Career Counselling and Mentoring is a process that helps to find out one’s strengths and weaknesses. It provides guidance from the professionals to know about the work trends, so that one can take an informed decision about career and education.

Career development is a part of Life development process that starts the moment you are born. Carving out a path for a successful career is influenced by number of factors, like your aptitude, interests, personality, aspirations and goals, circumstances and background.

Professional counsellors direct the students to take up what is best suited to them in line with their skills and aptitude. Also, where to get admission (the colleges where the subject is available), when to apply and the job prospects. Even they counsel the parents about what to expect from their children and how they can help them in leading a successful life ahead.

A good Career Counsellor is a problem solver, a keen listener and an observer, and has sufficient knowledge of various fields to guide you in your career decisions.

You can’t get answers to all the problems and questions of life. Don’t overthink to approach a counsellor and loose the time in trial and error methods for career making of your child

“Counselling is a platform to get answers to your questions- So don’t waste time in overthinking- JUST GET IT DONE!!” – Monika Sundrani